CREATIVE PARTNERS S.L. Constituted as company in 1993 is filial of C.M.T (Conseille, Maintenance et Technologie) of the Principality of Monaco it belongs to the group e-media corp. Creative consists of expert consultants at different areas of knowledge and are mainly specializedin the development of system aplications, software development and installation of computer networks. For the development of efficient projects and at low costs our associates are experts in differents areas from computer science and our network spreads in different countries (France, Spain, Argentina, Chile ). We have a vast experience guaranteed by clients since 1990. More than 25 years developing qualify systems applications. We offer projects that includes all the phases of implantation on a system: consultancy, project design, technological development, systems integration, tests, formation, audit, security, support and maintenance. We based our services on innovating and modular solutions. We work in a very close form to detect and adapt the needs and requirements of each client.